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We're celebrating 8 years of blogging!

Well, it’s hard to believe, but we’re celebrating 8 years of blogging on this site. It feels like we just started! 8 years have passed since we began this journey on this little site, where we share common interests.

This has been a very active year, with an average of two posts per week. Which may not seem like much compared to big blogs and websites, but for a modest blog it’s a very demanding frequency.

In all these posts we have talked about our usual topics, programming, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266. But we have also expanded to many other topics that we are passionate about, such as 3D printing and design, IoT, MQTT… And also a good “handful” of code shared on Github.

The next year promises to be even more exciting. We hope to give a “good push” to the ESP8266 and ESP32. Gradually continue with our robot projects. Advance with 3D printing and design. And (if possible and we have time) start with PCB design. It’s a lot of work, but we are eager to do it!

An effort that you have rewarded us with by helping us reach over 4 million page views! An increase of 33% from last year. But, above all, a lot of love from so many people who in one way or another collaborate with this little project.