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A Better Future is Possible

Looking at the country’s energy demand curve today brings excellent news, as the majority of the energy we have consumed has come from independent sources of fossil fuels. Specifically, wind energy production has reached 40-45% of the demand, 30% from nuclear power plants, and 20% from other sources of energy under special regulations. Only 10% of the energy has come from fossil fuels, 5% from coal, and 5% from gas power plants (combined cycle). As a result, CO2 emissions have been 3000-4000 tons/h, a third of a “normal” Sunday. The energy sources have even generated surpluses for energy export and for water accumulation in hydroelectric power plants.

These results are due to the effort invested in recent years to achieve clean, cheap, and environmentally friendly energy sources. Combined with energy reduction policies and an awareness of environmental care, it is possible to supply society with zero pollution electric power.