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We're 11 years old, with more community than ever!

We are celebrating our anniversary on the blog and we’re running out of fingers to count the years! 11 years of this project aimed at sharing hobbies and interests with the community.

Precisely this year, most of the novelties are aimed at generating and enhancing a community of friends with common interests where people can participate, share, and feel comfortable.

First of all, we have greatly (a lot!) enhanced the use of GitHub to share the blog’s code. Basically, you have, in the different repositories, all the code snippets that you have in the Arduino, ESP32, projects, etc. sections.

You can download them, create issues, fork, propose changes… in short, everything.

It may not be aligned with having visits to the blog… or maybe it is, I really don’t know how it will affect. But the truth is… I don’t really care. What it is definitely aligned with is sharing content and knowledge, which is ultimately important and the purpose of this project.


On the other hand, we have consolidated our community on Discord, where we are already more than 2000 members. In addition, it has replaced the blog’s comment system, which is now closed.

On Discord, we share news about Arduino/ESP32, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, electronics and PCBs, and all the topics we like. We also have sections for you to share your projects, or to ask questions.

We also propose activities, such as our Developer Challenges or the Refactoring workshop. So that we can have fun and participate together, and make it a dynamic and friendly place. discord

Another novelty is that we have started doing live streams. Here we do tutorials together, and we also talk about the topics and news we like. I am not by any means the streamer who does live streams most frequently. But those of you who want to come and keep me company, are more than welcome. twitch-500x178

And if we talk about numbers, you know it’s not the most important thing, but it’s always nice to have a good reception to the proposals. Well… this year we passed the 20 million views on the website!. Which is truly amazing, and something for which I can only thank you all.

On the other hand, this year another 1.5 million friends have passed through here, adding another 3.5 million views. Approximately in line with recent years. Therefore, we can say that the project as a whole is maintaining a really good level of reception.

And that’s about it. Once again, I say goodbye as I do every year, thanking everyone who in one way or another participates in this project, whether it’s through your visit, participating in social networks, in the Discord community, dropping by the streams, or in any other way. See you next year!