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We're 12 years old, with more community than ever!

12 years and counting! We celebrate 12 years of blogging. A year that has been marked by change and evolution.

In April, I took the bull by the horns and redid the whole page. After 11 years of WordPress, the new website is created from scratch in Astro 🚀.


The result is that the new page is prettier and much faster. And, most importantly, more organized, easier to navigate, and reading the content is more comfortable and accessible than ever.

Another consequence is that now it’s easier for me to write a tutorial. This has led to an increase in the number of published posts, sometimes even more than one per day!

But that’s not the only change. Another novelty is that I have been able to organize the content into courses. We already have the Arduino course, ESP32, Introduction to programming, Raspberry Pi. And soon one for C++, C#, JavaScript, electronics will be added.


As for visits… Well, this year I don’t feel like talking much about visits. But know that the change has been very good, and they are increasing.

And from time to time I even do a live stream on Twitch 🟪, when time allows… which is not very often.

So that’s about it. I say goodbye for another year, thanking everyone for stopping by and being part of the community. Muas muas!