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April 7th come celebrate Arduino Day Zaragoza

On April 7th, the fifth edition of Arduino Day Zaragoza will take place.

Arduino Day Zaragoza is an event that takes place to commemorate the anniversary of Arduino, formed by people who, like you, are passionate about the Maker and Open Source movement.

This year, Arduino Day Zaragoza will be dedicated to robotics projects. There will be line followers, sumo robot fights, and a lot of activities given by friends and fans of robots.

Despite its name, the event is not exclusively focused on Arduino. Although, logically, this platform occupies a prominent place in the event since, as we know, it is one of the great driving forces of the Maker movement.

But the Maker does not live on Arduinos alone. At Arduino Day Zaragoza you will find all the topics that we love so much, such as 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, FPGAs, quadcopters, augmented reality… and many more things!.

There will also be talks and workshops given by experts, references in the Maker movement. These events are free, but require prior registration to attend.


Arduino Day Zaragoza is free and open to the public. It will take place at the Etopia building, at Avda Ciudad de Soria nº 8, near the Delicias station in Zaragoza.

So, if you have a little time on April 7th, take the opportunity to come and have fun, participating in the activities of the event, meeting interesting people, and sharing experiences about the topics you love.