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We move the libraries to Github. Long live Open Source!

Starting today, all Arduino libraries will be hosted on Github and distributed under the Apache GLP3 license.

It’s not a big change from before, since we were already providing the library with its code. Basically, not hosting it on Github was because I didn’t want to get into another mess, as I already have too many open fronts…

But whatever, all for the Open Source community! The upcoming libraries and more complex projects that are yet to come will also be hosted on Github.

For now, the codes for the tutorials and simple examples will remain on the blog, because they are small code snippets that don’t allow for collaboration, so I don’t see much point in it. Although I don’t rule out creating some training repository. Who knows?

And with this addition of Github, we continue with small changes to improve the blog and, in the process, contribute to the Open Source community. We hope you like it, we continue working to add content! github-full