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Pinout Schemes for Arduino Uno, Nano, Mini, and Mega

The pinout scheme of an electronic device, or pinout, is one of the most useful reference documents and one that we will consult most frequently when making an assembly. Arduino is no exception, especially considering the large number of pins and board models available.

As the complexity of our circuits increases and we begin to use more complex functions, such as communication between devices or interrupts, it is more convenient to have these schemes on hand to quickly consult the data of each pin on the different existing boards.

I leave you the pinout schemes of the main Arduino boards, which will be reference documents that we will frequently use in the rest of the blog entries.

Arduino Uno Pinout


Arduino Nano Pinout


Arduino Mini Pro Pinout


Arduino Mega Pinout


Source: The schemes in this post are translations based on the work of pighixxx (page offline since 2018). All files are preserved in this repo