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Simplifying messaging in .NET with EasynetQ

EasyNetQ is a library for .NET that allows us to easily connect to RabbitMQ from a C# application.

RabbitMQ is an open-source implementation of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and is widely used as messaging middleware in distributed applications.

EasyNetQ provides a high-level abstraction over RabbitMQ, simplifying the process of configuring and using queues, exchanges, and messages.

The library provides a simplified model of publishing and subscribing, which greatly facilitates working with RabbitMQ. It also offers support for advanced messaging patterns, such as route-based routing, subscribing to multiple queues, among others.

On the other hand, EasyNetQ automatically handles connections to RabbitMQ for us. It provides a persistent connection to RabbitMQ and takes care of reconnecting in case of unexpected disconnections.

In short, the library provides all the options and functionalities to fully exploit RabbitMQ, avoiding most of the difficulty for us.

How to use EasyNetQ

We can easily add the library to a .NET project through the corresponding Nuget package.

Install-Package EasyNetQ

Using EasyNetQ is very simple. Basically, we create a communication Bus using a connectionString, and then we use the available methods.

For example, this is how we would publish a message.

var bus = RabbitHutch.CreateBus("host=localhost");

await bus.PubSub.PublishAsync(message);

And this is how we would subscribe and receive messages.

var bus = RabbitHutch.CreateBus("host=localhost");

await bus.PubSub.SubscribeAsync<MyMessage>(
	"my_subscription_id", msg => Console.WriteLine(msg.Text)

EasyNetQ offers many more options and functionalities, such as the ability to establish durable queues, publish messages asynchronously, and use different serialization strategies. For more information, please refer to the EasyNetQ documentation.

EasyNetQ is Open Source, and all the code and documentation is available in the project repository at at