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Use from C# with FakeYouNet

FakeYouNET is a .NET library that allows you to interact with the API from a C# application. is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate audio from text, imitating famous characters, which has caught the attention of many users due to its ability to generate audio with voices of famous characters.

The technology behind this website is artificial intelligence (AI), which allows for voice synthesis that imitates a person’s voice. This website is a fun tool for creating fictional dialogues and listening to them in the voices of celebrities like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and many more.

The FakeYouNET library allows us to interact with the FakeYou.Com API to generate audio from a C# application. We can choose the voice and download the audio, or play it directly in our application.

FakeYou.Com is free, with the possibility of having a premium account. In case of having a premium account, the waiting queue to obtain the audio is considerably reduced.

FakeYouNET is developed in NET6 so it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS.

How to use FakeYouNET

We can easily add the library to a .NET project, through the corresponding Nuget package.

Install-Package FakeYouNet

Here are some examples of how to use FakeYouNET extracted from the library’s documentation

var client = new Client();
var voice = await client.FindVoiceByTitle("mario");

var bytes = await client.MakeTTS(voice, "testing 1, 2, 3, testing");
var client = new Client();
var voice = await client.FindVoiceByTitle("mario");

await client.DownloadMakeTTS(voice, "testing 1, 2, 3, testing", "test.wav");

FakeYouNET is Open Source, and all the code and documentation is available in the project’s repository at