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HandyControl, control library for WPF

HandyControl is an open-source library of user interface (UI) components for C# and WPF that provides a wide variety of controls and utilities.

WPF as a development technology is not bad, especially considering that it is a product that emerged in 2006.

Although it remains an actively used technology, and recommended by Microsoft (after a period in which it almost became obsolete), the truth is that the years are noticeable.

Therefore, it is very convenient to provide ourselves with a good collection of libraries that facilitate our work when we want to tackle a project with WPF.

HandyControl adds a huge library of components for WPF that significantly speeds up the development of desktop applications.


It has more than 80 controls, which we can customize or use in our projects to give them a more modern and updated aesthetic.

Among them, we find buttons, menus, windows, tables, grids, trees, loader indicators, progress bars… among many others.

How to use HandyControl

We can easily add the library to a .NET project, through the corresponding Nuget package,

Install-Package HandyControl

Next, we add the reference to the HandyControls namespace in our XAML file,


We can now use the controls in our view. For example, suppose we want to create a circular progress bar. We would simply do,

<hc:CircularProgressBar Value="50" Maximum="100" />

This will create a circular progress bar, with a current value of 50 and a maximum of 100. Logically, we could bind the properties or customize the options.

There are many controls available, each with a large number of options to customize it. If you have to program in WPF, take a look at the available controls because it is a very complete library.

HandyControl is open source, and all the code and documentation are available in the project repository at