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Introduction to the Blazor course

Blazor is a web development framework, open source, developed by Microsoft. It allows us to create interactive web applications using C# and .NET.

It is an integral part of the .NET platform and is designed to provide a modern alternative to JavaScript frameworks, within the C# ecosystem.

In fact, one of the strengths of Blazor is that it simplifies the web development process. It reduces the learning curve and allows developers to leverage their existing experience and knowledge in the .NET ecosystem.

With Blazor, we can create both client-side web applications and server-side web applications. We can even create hybrid applications for Desktop or Mobile, with technologies such as WPF or MAUI.

Furthermore, thanks to its ability to efficiently run code in the browser through WebAssembly, Blazor applications offer (in theory) performance comparable to conventional web applications based on JavaScript.

On the other hand, like most modern web frameworks, Blazor is focused on the simple creation of reusable user interface components. Much like React or Vue, for example.

This promotes more efficient and modular development, where developers can create custom components and use them in multiple parts of the application.

Blazor takes care of providing the necessary tools for its operation, such as binding, reactivity, or communication between components.

Finally, Blazor harnesses the full power of .NET. This includes its libraries, tools, and community. This provides us with a wide range of resources that can be used to create our applications.

Personally, I love how Blazor has modernized web development in .NET, and achieved integrating client-side and server-side capabilities into a single .NET-based platform, making development more efficient and coherent.

I do not consider it a replacement for JavaScript, although it is often marketed that way. But it is a very interesting technology for .NET developers to make a smooth transition to web development.

If you are a developer who is already familiar with .NET, Blazor offers you a natural and efficient way to expand your skills to web development without having to change language or ecosystem.