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Download your favorite songs from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is one of the most popular options for listening to music online. In case some of you still don’t know, Grooveshark is an audio streaming service where users upload their own songs, which we can search for by title, artist, or album.

Grooveshark has an impressive library of songs. It also allows us to create our own playlists with our favorite songs. It also offers a radio service, where Grooveshark automatically chooses songs based on our preferences and favorite songs.

What it doesn’t allow us to do, logically, is to download from Grooveshark. In this post, we will see how to bypass this limitation and easily download all the songs we want from Grooveshark.

Install Grooveshark Downloader

To download from Grooveshark, we will use the (great) Chrome extension Grooveshark Downloader. To install it, first, open Chrome, go to the options menu, and select Tools / Extensions.


Now we just have to search for the Grooveshark Downloader extension and install it.


Using Grooveshark Downloader

Using Grooveshark Downloader is really simple. After the installation, we will have a button with the program’s icon on the right side of Chrome. We can click this icon to go to the Grooveshark page, or enter normally by entering the address in the navigation bar. If you are concerned about security, it is not necessary to log in to Grooveshark.

Now comes the interesting part. While we have the extension installed, when selecting an album or a playlist, we will see that in the list of songs next to the song title, there is a green link with the text “Download”.


If the song title is long, it can be difficult to see the download link. We can resize the columns to see the link better. Still, if the song title is very long, the download button may move to a second line, and we will have to be a little skillful to click on it.

Finally, we just have to click on as many links as we want to download all the songs.

We are not responsible for any violations of Grooveshark’s terms of use that you may incur. The content of this post is shared for educational purposes only.