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Downloading "pirate" Android apps

By this point, I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what piracy is. Trying to obtain paid programs and content for free is almost as old as computing itself. Mobile devices, tablets, and phones, of course, are no exception.

However, installing a program from an unknown source puts us at risk of installing malware on our device. In recent months, the number of vulnerabilities in mobile devices, especially for Android, has increased significantly. Although a significant portion of malware comes from official market applications, it is logical that installing pirate applications poses an even greater risk of infecting our device.

Therefore, it is important to have reliable websites when downloading applications. This does not guarantee the absence of malware, but at least we reduce the risk considerably. It is also desirable that they have the usual features sought by users in download pages, such as having a large number of applications, being organized by categories, or implementing a search function.

Here are a couple of reference pages from which to download applications for mobile devices.


Perhaps the largest, a classic in mobile applications, with many years of history behind it. Mobilism has applications for Android, Apple, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOs, and Symbian. The applications are organized by categories within each device.

It is a very active page, with a large number of users and daily contributions. In addition, you can read comments from other users before downloading an application and verify that it works correctly. If it can be downloaded, it’s on Mobilism.

Mobilism is available at this link.


This is a younger page, only for Android devices. It is less active than the previous one, and the number of programs is lower. This makes it easier to follow on a daily basis. Also, since it has a blog format, we can subscribe through RSS and conveniently check the latest available applications on our mobile devices.

In addition, the search function is better than Mobilism’s, and each entry recommends similar applications, making it easier to find interesting applications. Apkfullapps is a good page for daily use, and if you can’t find a specific application, you can search for it on Mobilism.

Apkfullapps is available at this link.

[notice]If you regularly use an application and are happy with its performance, consider purchasing it to support its developer and reward them for their work.[/notice]

Do you know of any other pages? Have you had any problems with malware when installing an application? What is your opinion on piracy? If you want to share your experience, feel free to leave us your comment.