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Energy saving in household appliances

Energy saving does not only depend on large measures implemented by municipalities and states. We can ourselves take small measures to improve energy efficiency in our own home, which, in addition to being beneficial for the environment, will directly impact our economic savings.

Below we present a list of energy saving measures in household appliances. The figures indicate the percentage of energy saved compared to the energy consumed by the appliance/action in question before the change.

  • Compact fluorescent bulb (low consumption), 80%.
  • Cold water washing machine, 80 - 92%.
  • Low energy consumption washing machine, 40 - 70%.
  • Low energy consumption refrigerator, 45 - 80%.
  • Gas stove instead of electric, 73%.
  • Gas oven instead of electric, 60 - 70%.
  • Air drying instead of using a dryer, 100%.
  • Dishwasher with hot water connection, 68%.
  • Cold water dishwasher, 75%.
  • Use recycled paper instead of virgin paper, 50%.
  • Recycle aluminum, 90%.
  • Increase the refrigerator thermostat temperature by one degree, 5%.
  • Toaster instead of oven, 65 - 75%.
  • Allow ventilation of the refrigerator grilles, 15%.
  • Cover pots when cooking and adjust the flame size, 20%.