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How to Filter Files in VSCode

Today we are going to see how to filter files in the list of folders in our current Workspace, so that the list of files shows only those that meet a pattern.

This is a new, simple feature, and yet highly anticipated by regular VSCode users. It is available from version 1.70 of Visual Studio Code, released in July 2022.

To filter the files we simply have to click on the file panel of our Workspace. Now we press Control+F, which will open the traditional file search tool, which has existed since the early versions of VS Code.

Next, and this is the novelty of version 1.70, we can click on the “filter” icon. Now, instead of the traditional search, we switch to file filtering mode. vscode_filter_tool

Now we just have to write the criteria by which we want to filter the files. For example, we can write the extension of a file to show only the files with that particular extension.

That’s how simple it is to filter the list of files we are working with in Visual Studio Code. A very simple improvement, but highly anticipated by people who regularly work with this popular text editor.