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Find the Start Menu Folder in Windows 10

From the early versions of Windows, it has always been possible to access the folder containing the shortcuts of the Start menu.

This made it easy to create folders, create or delete shortcuts, and, ultimately, organize the Start menu to our liking.

However, Microsoft is determined to make things more hidden with each version. In Windows 10, although this folder still exists, it is no longer as easy to find as it was in previous versions by simply right-clicking.

But don’t worry, it is still very easy to access it through the Run function, which we can quickly access by pressing “Windows key + R”.

By running ”Shell” we access the local user’s startup folder.


While running ”Shellstartup” we will access the startup folder for all users.


With these commands, we will reach the Start menu folder that contains (some) of the applications that load when the computer starts. Sorry for the confusing names, but they are almost the same.

If we want to access the Start menu from here, which contains all the shortcuts, it’s very easy. Just click on “Start menu” in the address bar.