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Fixing Charging Problems on Galaxy S2

In the last two months, I have had to repair three Samsung Galaxy S2 phones due to problems associated with battery charging. Since it is an inexpensive and simple repair and these breakdowns are currently happening frequently, we will show in a tutorial how to repair it and thus save a mobile phone that is otherwise working perfectly.

The problems that the phones presented were the following:

  • In one case, the phone did not charge the battery when connected to the charger. The phone also did not indicate that it was charging.
  • In another, the phone charged the battery, but with little charge (just a few minutes), despite indicating that the phone was fully charged.
  • In my case, when disconnecting the phone from the charger, it indicated that it was still charging. The battery life had dropped to just about 3 hours.

In all cases, the breakdown was caused by the failure of the same part, responsible for controlling the charging process, which apparently has a natural tendency to break down after a couple of years of use. If you have any of these problems, it is very likely that the cause is the same part although, logically, I cannot guarantee it in all cases. The decision to attempt the repair depends solely on you.


You can find a replacement for this part without any difficulty on eBay. Look for “galaxy s2 flex dock” on eBay. It can be purchased for €3.5 from China, with 14-21 days for shipping, or for about €6.5 from the UK, with about 7-10 days for shipping (both cases with shipping costs included).

Galaxy S2 Repair

Below are the steps to repair the phone, accompanied by their images. You can click on each image to enlarge.

The following image shows the damaged part (above) and the new replacement (below).


In most cases, the new replacement will have glue on the bottom, and you will need to remove the protective plastics (A). In some cases, the replacement comes without the plastic cap (B). You can recover the one from the part you are removing. Simply pull it out gently, being careful not to damage the part or the cable.

Next, remove the battery and the screws from the back cover.


Remove the screws from the part that you are going to replace (C). Release the cable (D) by gently pulling upwards.


Disconnect the connector (E). Finally, remove the part (F) by gently lifting in the directions indicated by the arrows.


Replace the part with the new replacement, ensuring that the adhesive parts make a good seat. Connect the connector (E) and the cable (D). The latter requires some skill, especially not to force the contact. Place the screws (C) and the back cover, pressing gently along the contour to ensure closure. Be especially careful with the volume and power buttons, it requires a bit of skill to place them correctly. Finally, screw in the screws from the case (B) and replace the battery.

Fixed! The total repair time is less than 15 minutes, and we have a phone ready to work for a few years.

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Repairing a phone is a delicate operation that requires some experience and skill. We are not responsible for any damage you may cause to your device during the repair process.