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Take notes in markdown from your mobile with GitJournal

GitJournal is an Android and iOS application that allows us to create and edit text files in markdown format, synchronized with a Git repository.

You have probably already become accustomed to managing your notes in Markdown format, for example with Visual Studio Code, the popular Obsidian, or the Open Source Joplin.

GitJournal is a very interesting tool, and one of the best options for taking notes in markdown from your mobile.

To use it, we just have to install the application and configure our Git repository with the authentication data.


GitJournal has a rich editor that makes it easy to create and edit content.

In addition, it has a tree view, which in my opinion could be improved. It is very large and it is difficult to find the folder we want, if we have several nested folders.

Regarding Git synchronization, which is the main function of GitJournal, it generally works very well and transparently. Although, if we have some complicated synchronization, it has messed up a few times and I have had to delete the repo and recreate it.

In short, GitJournal is the best option I have found for managing notes in markdown format, with synchronization with Git. It still has room for improvement, but

GitJournal is free for Android, and costs $3.99 for iOS. It also has a paid version that adds additional features such as notes or backlinks.

It is available at, and in the Android and Apple stores.