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Heating Calculator

This post is from 2013, and fuel prices have changed. The calculation remains accurate, but you’ll need to adjust costs according to your supply (in the table at the end).

This calculator will allow you to estimate, based on your latest bill data, the heating expenses of your installation, depending on the energy sources commonly used.

  • Enter the current consumption data in the yellow boxes. Fill in only one box, corresponding to the energy source you currently use and the data provided on your bill (m3, kg, or kWh).
  • The results are displayed in the following table, where the equivalence of different fuels is calculated. The estimation of the economic cost is indicated in the blue column, valued in euros.
  • The values used in the calculation are shown in the last table, in green boxes. These are average values that you can customize for your area, supplier, or installation. However, if you’re not sure, leave the default values.

Consumo actual
  Fuentekgm3kWhkWh Ter
  Gas Natural

Cálculo consumo
  Fuentekgm3kwhkWh Elec
  Gas natural-
  Bomba calor--

Datos previos
  Gas Natural
  Bomba calor---