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Introducing the Heating and Cooling Needs Calculator

I present to you a thermal load calculator for buildings. This calculator allows you to calculate heating and cooling needs in both summer and winter, based on the building’s geometry, outdoor and indoor temperature conditions, and the quality of insulation. For example, you can calculate how heat losses are distributed in your building or the influence of the thermostat setpoint and operating hours on your heating and cooling expenses.

It is also useful to be able to calculate the effect of making modifications to the building’s thermal envelope. Sometimes manufacturers offer us “miraculous” savings if we apply their solutions (for example, changing windows or applying cladding) and include messages in their advertising such as “save 30% on your bill” or “save up to €300 per month.” Obviously, these “airy” figures, without even looking at your installation, are only meant to attract attention from the public. You are hardly going to save 30% on your bill by changing windows (unless you have the worst windows on the planet) or save €300 per month on heating if your current consumption is €200. But now you don’t have to believe the manufacturer (or me), you can do your own calculations and verify it yourselves.

The application, although easy to use, requires the entry of a good amount of data, some of a technical nature. It is not difficult, but it requires a certain amount of time and care when entering the data. In return, it provides a considerably accurate calculation of the building’s losses. If you need a higher degree of precision, including thermal bridges, corner factors, daily and seasonal temperature variations, etc., you will need computer software and specialized technical personnel. (if you need it, I recommend one, wink wink)

The final result of the consumption calculation is provided in kWh, so you can use our heating cost calculator to convert this value into euros, depending on the energy source used in your heating and cooling system.

The new heating and cooling needs calculator is available at this link, where you can also find the necessary instructions for its operation.