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How to download from YouTube

Surely on some occasion you have wanted to download a video from YouTube that you have just watched, or even just the audio of that song that we like in MP3 format. The good news is that it is possible in a simple way without the need to download or install any program.

In previous posts we have already seen how to download protected images, and how to download songs from Grooveshark. This time it’s the turn of Google’s video service, and we will see some of the many options for downloading both video files and MP3 files from YouTube.

Downloading video files from YouTube

There are multiple websites that allow us to download videos from YouTube and save them on our computer. For example, we have which works well, is fast, and does not abuse advertising.

Its use is really very simple. We just go to the page and enter the address of the video we want to download.


Next, we choose the format in which we want to download the video, the quality, and whether it has audio or not.. In general, you will want to choose the MP4 format, with audio, and in the highest possible quality.


You’re done. The file will be downloaded to your computer. Simple, isn’t it?

Downloading MP3 files from YouTube

If what we want is only to download the audio in MP3 there are also multiple options. For example, fulfills its purpose quickly and easily.

Its use is very similar to the previous one. We just go to the page and enter the address of the video from which we want to obtain the audio.


Next, we click on “Get download link”.


Finally, we click the download button.


The audio file will be downloaded in MP3 format to your computer without much difficulty, and we can repeat the process as many times as we want.

Downloading content from YouTube or other providers may be contrary to the laws of your country. The information in this post is provided for educational purposes only, so we are not responsible for any infringements that may be incurred from its use.