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Linux Commands - File Content Operations

I present to you a compilation of the most useful Linux commands for File Content Operations

Pipes and I/O redirection

#redirect command output to a new file
command > output_file.txt

#redirect command output to append to a file
command >> output_file.txt

#redirect command input
command < input_file.txt

#redirect standard output and error output to a file:
command &> output_file.txt

#pipe, redirect command1 output as input to command2
command1 | command2

Display file content

#display file content
echo file

#show file content
cat file

#display file content starting from the end
tac file

#display file content scrolling line by line
more file

#display file content scrolling forward or backward
less file

#display the first two lines of a file
head -2 file

#display the last two lines of a file
tail -2 file

#real-time display of the last lines of a file (tracking)
tail -f file

Text manipulation

#convert lowercase to uppercase
echo 'file' | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'

#delete lines 1 to 5 from a file
sed '3,5d' file

#delete lines 5 to the end of a file
sed '5,$d' file

#delete blank lines
sed '/^$/d' file

#delete blank lines and comments
sed '/ *#/d; /^$/d' file

#replace one string with another
sed 's/string1/string2/g' file 

#display only the lines that contain a string
sed -n '/string/p'

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