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Linux Commands - Process and Job Control

Here is a compilation of the most useful Linux commands for Process and Job Control

Run commands and applications

# run application in current folder

# run command

# start process in background
command &

# cancel command
control + c

# put command in background
control + z

# recover process put in background

# bring job to foreground
fg jobID

# start command as root
sudo command

# start executable with graphical interface as root
sudo executable

# multiple session manager in terminal
screen -S session_name

List processes and tasks

# show background processes with jobID and PID
jobs -l

# show processes

# show active processes
ps -eafw

# show system process tree

# show processes sorted by memory usage
ps aux | sort -k 5

Terminate processes

# terminate process to reload configuration
kill -1 Process_ID

# force kill process by PID
kill -9 PID

# terminate process by name
killall -9 name

Command Aliases

# set a temporary alias for command
alias cmd='command'

# remove alias
unalias cmd

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