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Manage file types in Windows with Types

Types is a small tool for Windows users that allows precise and simple control over program associations, icons, contextual menus, and other settings related to file types.

Developed by Ystr, this program provides a simple yet powerful interface that allows us to customize the different file types under the Windows environment.


Types is a comprehensive solution for those who want total control over how their Windows operating system handles file types.

The main functionality of Types is to allow us to edit program associations for specific file types.

This goes beyond what Windows allows by default (at least in a simple way), allowing us to assign specific applications to particular file types easily.

Furthermore, we can customize the icons associated with different file types. You can select custom icons for each file type, easily.

On the other hand, we can also customize the options available in the contextual menu of a file, adding or modifying actions associated with the file type.

Types integrates into the Windows control panel, where it appears as another tool of options. Options that, by the way, should be provided by Windows itself without the need for third-party tools… but oh well.

Types is Open Source. You can find the documentation and code on the project’s website at