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OpenNN - Open Source Neural Networks

OpenNN is an open-source C++ library for working with neural networks, a fundamental tool in artificial intelligence. It is a great help when implementing and training the networks. In this post, we will see how to install this great library, available at

First, we download the latest version from its website Unzip the file and move the contents to the desired location.

cd /Downloads
mv opennn OpenNN

Where you must replace the name of the download folder, the file version, and the folder where you want to save it, according to your version, file structure, and preferences

Next, we compile the library files and check their operation.

cd OpenNN/build/make
make -f opennn_test.makefile

If everything has worked correctly, the previous application will run without returning errors. Now you are ready to start programming with the library.

To check a practical case, we compile one of the examples provided by the developers. To do this, we run:

cd /OpenNN/build/make
make -f simple_function_regression_makefile