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OpenRobot v2, modular PCB system for electronics projects

OpenRobot V2 is the second version of OpenRobot, a series of electronic boards for carrying out different projects and robots, especially designed for teaching.

OpenRobot V2 maintains the same objective as the first version of providing a system that you can adapt to your project, choosing and assembling the components you want.


But, instead of being a single multipurpose PCB, OpenRobot v2 has a modular design. This allows for a greater degree of configuration of your projects and even reusing modules between different projects.

Now it is possible to use different types of processors (Arduino Nano, ESP32…), different motor controllers (DC, Servo, Steppers), add expansions through I2C…

Once assembled, OpenRobot allows you to assemble an almost unlimited number of projects without the need for soldering, wiring, or using a breadboard. You just have to add or change the modules that we assemble.


OpenRobot is compatible with a huge number of components, thanks to its multiple digital outputs, I2C, and UART at 3V3 and 5V. It is also compatible with different DC-DC converters, and different IMUs, including the popular MPU6050, MPU9050/9250 and L3GD20, and ultrasonic or analog distance sensors.

The design of OpenRobot is designed for you to adapt it to your project simply by changing modules and components. Choose the type of MCU. Do you need a motor module? Want to add an Oled screen? Do you want to add more outputs with an I2C expander? Play and enjoy the combinations.

What can I do with OpenRobot?

Almost any project you can imagine! Some of them are,

  • Robots with DC motors, such as obstacle detectors, maze runners, line followers, self-balancers…
  • Robots with servos, such as a 2-DOF turret, a light follower, a 6-DOF arm
  • Projects with high power outputs by Mosfet, such as lights, electromagnets, water pumps, peltier plates, thermoresistances…
  • Projects with Bluetooth (HC-05/HC-06), such as communication with PC or Smartphone, beacons…
  • WiFi projects (ESP01), Web-controlled, MQTTT, dataloggers, IoT…
  • Environmental stations with temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure measurement (BME280)

Download the files

All the information, documentation and all the project files on GitHub. github-full