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Rename files massively with ReNamer

ReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool, with all the necessary options to rename large amounts of files quickly and easily.

Renaming files massively is a very common need. For example, by preceding a text, or adding a counter to a series of files.

There are many tools for renaming files. But my favorite is still ReNamer, because of the large number of options it has and how simple it is.

ReNamer works based on the definition of a series of “rules”, which are actions that we add to our project and that will be performed sequentially on our files.


There are a huge number of actions that we can add, including text replacement, text insertion, text deletion, changes from uppercase to lowercase, numbering, among many others.

Combined, the actions mean that we can basically configure any workflow or reconfiguration setting that we may need.

Once the rules are defined, we add the files that we want to rename. We can also select an entire folder to add all the files it contains.

The lower screen shows the original name and the result of the numbering. It also alerts us if there is a conflict, that is, if the result of applying the rules would cause several files to end up with the same name.

In addition, we can save the rules we have defined in templates, which are groups of rules that we can use later. The free version allows you to define a maximum of 5 templates.

ReNamer is available on the official website at It is free, although it has a paid version with additional features such as commercial use, or unlimited templates.