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Review of the Fly Mouse C120, an all-in-one air mouse and keyboard

Today we are going to see a review of the Fly Mouse C120 wireless controller, an excellent wireless controller for your computer, Android TV Box, or Raspberry Pi that combines the functions of a mouse and keyboard into a single device.

At the living room television, I have an Android TV Box connected. It’s an easy way to turn your TV into a multimedia entertainment center, which outperforms any SmartTV. You can watch movies from a hard drive, play games, browse the Internet. You can even install Google Assistant and control your home with your voice.

Although these Android players come with a remote control, its functionality is quite limited. If you really want to take full advantage of it, you need to connect a keyboard and a mouse. But it’s not very practical to have a keyboard and a mouse in the living room!

For this reason, one might consider buying a media controller or a mini keyboard, of which there are many models. Larger, smaller, keyboard-only, or with an integrated touchpad, etc… In general, they are not very comfortable, and it’s not something you want to have on your living room table all the time.

This is where the Fly Mouse (or Air Mouse) comes into play. These devices allow us to move the cursor on a computer, but unlike a normal mouse, we don’t need to rest them on a surface.

The Fly Mouse uses accelerometers to capture hand movements and move the cursor accordingly. The sensation is similar to interacting with the screen by pointing.

Of course, there are also many models of Fly Mouse. Among the many options available, one of my favorite choices is the Fly Mouse C120.

In addition to a Fly Mouse, the C120 incorporates a (almost) full querty keyboard on one side. So we have both devices (keyboard and mouse) in a single controller that fits perfectly in the living room, without attracting much more attention than a remote control.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Fly Mouse C120.

Fly Mouse C120 Specifications

The Fly Mouse C120 is a controller that simultaneously performs the functions of a keyboard, mouse, and multimedia controller. A true all-in-one compatible with Android, Windows, Linux, and MAC.

The dimensions of the controller are 15 x 4.3 x 1 cm and it weighs 55 grams. Its dimensions, light weight, and curved shapes make it very comfortable to hold in the hand.


The C120 operates wirelessly at 2.4GHZ and has a range of up to 10 meters. The USB receiver has a Nano format, so it can be connected without taking up space on any device.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery of 200mAh at 3.7V. For charging, it has a mini-USB port, so we can charge it from any USB device (for example, a mobile charger, or even from the Android TV itself). The LEDs on the controller indicate the charging status.

Finally, it incorporates a low consumption stand-by mode, in which the C120 automatically enters if not used after about 30 seconds, allowing the battery to last for months.

Testing the Fly Mouse C120

The sensation is surprisingly good once you get used to using it. At first, it is a bit challenging because the natural tendency is to point at the screen, and the sensation is a little strange.

Instead, you have to get used to the fact that the cursor movement depends on the gyroscopes, so in reality, it is the movement of your wrist that directs the cursor movement, not where you point the controller.

Once you get the hang of it, the feeling is very natural. The sensitivity is good, and its use is comfortable. It can point with great precision (almost at the pixel level) without vibrations or jumps.

A consequence of using the gyroscopes is that sometimes the movement “becomes unsynchronized”. For example, even if you hold your hand “straight” (what is “straight” for you in your current position), the cursor is displaced from the center of the screen.

In this case, we move the cursor to the center, press the mouse disable key, reposition the hand, and reactivate the mouse. It is a quick process that you end up doing without realizing it. In any case, you will only have to do it when you pick up the controller and, on occasion, during its use.

Regarding size and shape, the Fly Mouse C120 is a success. It is slightly smaller than a normal remote control, so it doesn’t stand out on a living room table. It has the right size for the hand, and its curved shape is ergonomic and comfortable.


As for the keyboard, its performance is correct. The mouse is disabled when flipping the mouse and leaving the keyboard upright. This simple functionality makes the keyboard very convenient to use. In any case, it is not a keyboard intended for prolonged typing, but for writing short texts.

The key layout is not entirely querty, so we will have to look at the controller frequently while typing. Of course, it does not have the Ñ key. In general, typing any special character (accents, ·, $, %, &) is a small hell.

We can almost say that the biggest problem with the keyboard is not the controller, but the operating system. Both Android and Windows don’t “know” that they have a connected keyboard, so when typing in a text field, the on-screen keyboard appears, taking up useful space. It’s annoying, but it also happens with any other type of mini keyboard.

In general, the feel of the keyboard is correct. At least, as correct as it can be on a keyboard of this size. The key touch is pleasant, and its size is sufficient.

As for the price, it is one of the most attractive features of the keyboard. We can find it for about €8 from international sellers on AliExpress or eBay. Before purchasing one, make sure that the keyboard layout is suitable for your country.

In summary, the Fly Mouse C120 is a highly recommended controller in terms of quality/price that surprises with the good feeling it achieves with the Fly Mouse, combined with a (almost) querty keyboard in a single device. It is a good option both for controlling an Android Box TV or a Raspberry Pi remotely, making professional presentations, or even using in training and education.