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Spline FFD

Spline FFD is a tool that allows you to move multiple vertices at once, moving the points of a spline.

With Spline FFD you can select a number of points on a mesh and creates a spline that passes through these points. By moving the points of the spline, the original mesh vertices move properly.

You can change the number of segments that divide the spline. For example, a single segment points move in a straight line. A greater number of points needed to adjust to the original mesh as this increases the complexity.

Spline FFD can also be used in closed contours, making it a useful tool for generating seams and joints. In these cases we recommend a minimum of 6 segments to achieve a proper fit.

Finally, remember that you can change the type of vertex at any time, from smooth to beizer or corner vertex, and use the handles to change the shape of the spline.

See videos for more info.


  • Spline FFD 1.1: Added two modes. One that preserves the original distance between vertex and another that homogeneously distributed vertices
  • Spline FFD 1.0: Initial release.

Installation instructions:

  • Download file Spline FFD 1.1.
  • Drag and drop SplineFFD.mzp to 3ds Max. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows Seven, you have to run 3ds Max as administrator, otherwise MZP files doesnt work (right click-”run as administrator”)
  • SplineFFD will be avaliable in customize, under “LuisLlamas category”