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Text Messages on Android

If you own an Android phone, you should read this. And it is that, although other technologies like Whatsapp are gradually replacing SMS, sometimes it is still necessary to send a text message. As you probably know, these messages can contain up to 160 characters. If the amount is exceeded, it is billed as several messages. The amount of letters that fit in a message is usually indicated in the message editor.

However, Android users will have noticed that, sometimes, when entering a letter, the counter decreases suddenly, in drastic drops of more than 50 letters. This is because when using “special” characters (such as vowels with an accent) Android starts to encode the message with an extended character system, causing the number of characters that “fit” in a message to be reduced.

Therefore (even if it hurts the RAE) when writing an SMS on Android, disable the dictionary, and monitor the remaining character counter, especially if you have to use special symbols.