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We turned 10 years old!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, another year! And it’s been over a decade that we’ve been here, sharing content almost every week with all of you who drop by.

And speaking of celebrations, this year we also reached 10 million visits! which seems like an incredible number of people, and I can barely wrap my head around it… but there they are. So once again, thank you to everyone.

Without a doubt, the main novelty of this year has been the creation of our community on Discord. Something that is less of a showcase, and more of a virtual “maker space,” where everyone can share and participate. discordAnd it’s going really well! In just a few months, there are already over 1000 people out there. It’s great to see that a community with a really good atmosphere has been created, where you can chat with people who share your same hobbies, share projects, and help each other.

In short, a 10-year anniversary year for us. Otherwise, it’s our usual routine. More tutorials, more projects, lots of ESP32, a little less Arduino, 3D printing, programming… and well, the topics that you already know and that we all like.

And that’s about it! (which is not little) I say goodbye as I have for the past 10 anniversaries, thanking everyone who drops by here, on social media, or on Discord, or who in one way or another contribute, whether it’s with a comment, or just chatting. Until next time!