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We've Reached 5 Years!

Another year has passed since the beginning of the journey of this little corner where we share concerns and common interests. As usual, it’s time to take a look back and present the plans for the future for the coming year.

This year we have accelerated the pace of publication, especially in Arduino posts, which have temporarily monopolized the blog. We have gone from an average of one post per week to almost three. This is necessary to finish the basic and intermediate posts and start working on more complex and interesting projects.

Speaking of numbers, it has been a truly spectacular year. The number of visits has increased by 70%, we have surpassed one million visits, with almost two million page views, and currently at a pace of almost one hundred thousand page views per month. Honestly, a much larger volume than I could have imagined when creating the blog.

I can only thank everyone for your time, visits, and comments. It’s rewarding to know that someone reads what you write and to feel that, although it is a great effort, you are helping many people to get into the world of electronics and computer science.

The plans for the next year are to finish the intermediate level Arduino posts so we can start working on complex projects and dedicate more time to the rest of the sections, especially in programming and Raspberry/Linux tutorials. If all goes as planned, by this time next year we should have several robots out there up and running.

That’s all for now. I say goodbye for another year, once again thanking all of you who ever stop by the blog to share your interests and projects. Thank you for your visit!