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We're 6 years old!.. and we're renovating the blog

We’re 6 years old and… it’s time for a renovation! This time it’s a small reform, aimed at modernizing the look of the blog and, above all, restructuring certain categories to make them more meaningful and make everything a little more accessible and organized.

It’s also time to take stock of the year. We have definitely finished with the basic and intermediate level Arduino entries, which have almost monopolized the blog in recent times. From now on, the blog returns to its usual course of talking about almost anything geeky that we feel like. :)

On the other hand, by this time we were supposed to have our first little robots out there roaming around. Well… they’re very, very close. We’re a bit behind schedule, because we’ve been busy with more advanced entries and libraries. But hey, as long as we’re happy with the result, no one forces us to stick to a schedule.

Speaking of results, it’s time to talk about the boring numbers. As for the number of visits, we are skyrocketing! But VERY skyrocketing. Over 2 million page views this past year. With this volume of visits, there is a real risk of “dying of success,” as the server is not able to handle more. Well, we’ll see what we do at that point.

And for the future, we’ll keep having fun, sharing news, reviews, programming articles, Nodejs, IoT, energy efficiency, robotics projects, and well… whatever comes our way.

Most importantly, as I say every year, thank you very much to all of you for your visits, comments, emails, suggestions, and for participating in one way or another in this project.