Polynurbs is a tool to convert nurbs objects to quad poly.

A lot of us want to use nurbs or spline to make our quad meshes. I have tried a lot of solutions, scripts, surface modifier, turn to poly and detriangulate… but no one works as we want.

Polynurbs allows you to use all the nurbs tools (1-rail, 2-rail, u-loft, uv-loft) and then convert to 100% quad poly meshes, easy and fast.

With PolyNurbs you can:

  • Convert a nurbs lattice to poly object (so you can turn on subD in your poly, and they will have the same shape).
  • Convert poly object to nurbs lattice (inverse operation. Note: only patch-like meshes can be converted, due to nurbs maths)
  • Convert a nurbs object to poly object, fitting points in their surface (with SubD activated, this poly will no fit your nurbs, due to hull convexity propiertie)
  • Additionally, it can convert spline to nurbs, and nurbs to spline.


See videos for more info.

Installation instructions:

  • Download file PolyNurbs 1.0
  • Drag and drop PolyNurbs.mzp to 3ds Max. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows Seven, you have to run 3ds Max as administrator, otherwise MZP files doesnt work (right click-”run as administrator”)
  • PolyNurbs will be avaliable in customize, under “LuisLlamas category”