Super Grid

Super Grid is the ultimate reference system, based on grid helpers.

Super Grid creates new grids based on your sub-elements selection. Additionally, you can create grid based in point helper objects. You can also define an offset, flip the grid, or define an auxiliary helper point to move the grid.

Once you have created the grid, you can you activate it and your coordinate system will be aligned to the grid, and new objects will be created in the new system. You can also align existing objects to the grid.

The grids created are objects are normal helper objects in 3ds Max, so you can use all standard tools in 3ds Max with them. Such as rotate, move, align, snap, axis constrain and so on…

The combination of these tools makes Super Grid reference in a very versatile system that will satisfy all your needs.

Super Grid has different working modes:

  • One face. Creates a grid in the middle of the face, aligned with the selected face..
  • One edge. Creates a grid in the middle of the edge, and normal to the selected edge.
  • Three verts. Creates a grid in the median of the verts, aligned with the plane define by this verts.
  • Loop. Creates a grid in the mid point of the loop (Mainly designed to work with closed loops)
  • Three points. Creates a grid in the median of the points, aligned with the plane define by theses verts.
  • Two points. Creates a grid in the middle of the points, normal to the plane define by these points.

See videos for more info.


  • SuperScript 1.1: New slice tool and align to slice plane tools added.
  • SuperScript 1.0: Initial release.

Installation instructions:

  • Download file SuperGrid 1.1.
  • Drag and drop Supergrid.mzp to 3ds Max. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows Seven, you have to run 3ds Max as administrator, otherwise MZP files doesnt work (right click-”run as administrator”)
  • SuperGrid will be avaliable in customize, under “LuisLlamas category”